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NTE5 sockets
January 12th, 2016 4:09 pm

One of the most popular items we sell is the humble BT NTE5 socket. The first question is usually "Do I have one?!", well, this is what it looks like :-

Openreach NTE5 socket
The easiest way to identify it is by the horizontal split just under half way down. Removal of this lower section reveals the much talked about "test socket".
NTE5 test socket example

In reality all the test socket does is allow you to plug a telephone directly into the incomming line without any extension wiring connected. Why would you (or a BT Openreach engineer cheeky) want to do that you may ask? Well, BT is responsible for any cabling upto the NTE5, any internal extension wiring is not their problem. By removing the lower front half they can easily test their side of the cabling from the exchange and lay blame for any faults on your internal wiring blush

What if I don't have an NTE5 you may ask? Fear not as we have plenty we can sell you yes

We also have a no...