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BT to RJ45 Patch Kits
January 12th, 2016 12:59 pm
BT to RJ45 Patch Kits

We have four main categories of patch kits :-
  • Standard
  • Port Sharing/Multi Line
  • Privacy
  • Broadband

The standard patch kits are our most basic, they allow you to patch a single BT line to as many as 4 extensions. For example, the single user standard version (RJ45V1S) comes with everything requited to go from the BT outlet to the patch panel and then at the outlet end convert the network outlet back to a standard BT type socket. The 4 user version adds to this & yep, you guessed it, comes with everything required to patch a single BT line to 4 extensions over structured cabling laugh  (structured cabling is the term used to describe CAT5e & CAT6 cabling among others cool ).

The port sharing & multi line versions expand on this concept. The port sharing version (RJ45V1PD) allows you to patch a single BT telephone line over the SAME cable as an Ethernet device (a printer or a PC for example). There is a downside, because we use what used to be the spare pairs...