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BT 80B RF3 Junction Box (3 way IDC to 3 way screw Connectors) REIN Filter


BT Logo BT 80B RF3 Junction Box (3 way IDC to 3 way screw Connectors) REIN Filter

BT 80B RF3 (REIN filter) junction box, 3 Way IDC connectors to 3 way screw, internal use only. Surpresses RF interference on the line & suitable for ADSL & vDSL installations.

The inductor in this junction box is the same as the one fitted to the BT I Plate/BT Broadband Accelerator . Fit to eliminate small Repetitive Electrical Impulse Noise (REIN) which can affect broad band ADSL/vDSL lines. Dimensions (L) 56mm x (W) 41mm x (H) 22mm.

Note, the Mk3 vDSL SSFP & Mk4 SSFP feature a filter that is similar to the BT80B RF3, however it is NOT identical. The existing stand-alone RF3 may still be required to assist in solving REIN faults and can be fitted even when the Mk3 vDSL SSFP is in situ.

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