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BT to RJ45 Patch Kit-Port Sharing Version


BT to RJ45 Patch Kit-Port Sharing Version

BT to RJ45 Patch Kit Original Manufacturer

  • Contains 1 RJ45 to BT Patch Lead
  • 1 RJ45 to BT Converters
  • 2 RJ45 Port Doublers
  • Full Instructions

This kit allows you to patch onestandard BT telephone line over RJ45 cabling (CAT5 & CAT6) and one 10/100 networkdevice over the same cable. One network cable can now have a telephone line and data device patched over it.Includes a 1.5m (approx) BT male to RJ45 male patch lead, 2 RJ45 port doublers, 1 RJ45 male to BT female converter & full instructions. Covered by 12 months warranty.

? Got ADSL? The above kit can also be used with our custom RJ45 ADSL filter-product code RJ45ADSLMF. This will allow you to patch 10/100 DATA, Voice and ADSL over ONE cable!

£21.28(£25.54 inc VAT)
In Stock

BT to RJ45 Patch Kit-Port Sharing Fly Lead Kit


BT to RJ45 Patch Kit-Port Sharing Fly Lead Kit

star star star IMPORTANT! star star star

Some patch panels and wall outlets are high density, where this is the case the port doubler may obscure an adjacent port. To combat this problem you also require the port doubler fly-lead kit.

Contains 2 CAT5e Flyleads
2 RJ45 to RJ45 Couplers

£11.06(£13.27 inc VAT)
In Stock

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