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BT NTE5A Type Socket (Unbranded)


This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer, where available alternative products can be found below. This page is for information & reference only!

Replaced by NTE5C MK2.


No 26A for improved broadband Latest version that features the filter on the bell wire circuit for IMPROVED ADSL/ & VDSL performance & WITHOUT 26A surge arrestor which can further IMPROVE ADSL & VDSL speeds! This is the same socket as BT Openreach install made by the SAME company! (minus the Openreach logo BT Openreach branded versions available)


NTE5A type master socket, as previously installed by BT Openreach (now replaced by the NTE5C master socket). Equiped with a "test socket" it allows easy testing of the BT network, simply remove the lower front plate to isolate any internal wiring & plug a phone/router into the test socket. Wiring is via IDC terminals, on the rear these connect to the incoming BT line, on the front faceplate these connect to internal telephone extension wiring. Supplied as three pieces (22mm back box, rear faceplate with test socket & lower front faceplate with integrated bell wire filter) complete with screws & cable ties. The 22mm back box can be discarded if flush mounting, the socket fits any standard single gang box. Dimensions (L) 85mm x (W) 85mm x (H) 35.5mm.

Info For ADSL/VDSL installations the lower half of the front faceplate (as pictured below) can be replaced with a filtered faceplate such as the VTE2015, this will give the same benefits of the bell wire filter with the addition of centralised ADSL/VDSL filtering. (Note, these are known as Service Specific Faceplates (SSFPs).


NTE5 Bell Wire Filter Moulding

Moulding for the bell wire filter, note this does not guarantee your current socket has the filter!

NTE5 Bell Wire Filter fitted to PCB

Bell wire inductor fitted to the PCB.

NTE5 Test Socket

Lower front faceplate removed to reveal the test socket.


Key Features

  • Moulded from V0 rated material colour matched to BT 1P white.
  • 2 way IDC connection of incoming network operator’s wiring (LSA style.)
  • Standard linetest and ringing components provided.
  • 401A Test socket to verify network wiring is good.
  • 601A socket for customer’s equipment connection.
  • 3 way IDC connector for onward distribution of customer’s wiring (LSA style).
  • Provides clear demarcation point between network and customer wiring.
  • Can be surface mounted (with backbox) or flush mounted.
  • Bellwire filter provided.
  • Will accept other Service Specific Frontplates (SSFPs).

This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer, where available alternative products can be found below. This page is for information & reference only!

Replaced by NTE5C MK2.

£7.67(£9.20 inc VAT)

Replaced by NTE5C MK2.

BT Openreach Branded NTE5C MK2 Master Socket


BT Openreach Branded NTE5C MK2 Master Socket

Latest NTE5C MK2 master socket with BT Openreach branding printed on the top left corner. By simply unclipping the front plate the "test socket" is revealed for easy fault diagnosis. Cam lock connectors (tool less IDC!) on the rear connect to the incoming phone line, cam lock connectors on the front allow the end user to easily connect internal telephone extension wiring. The NTE5C MK2 is the latest type of socket that BT Openreach currently install, supplied as three pieces (22mm rear back box, rear plate with test socket and front lower plate).  Dimensions (L) 85mm x (W) 85mm x (H) 35.5mm. No tools are required for the wiring (tool-less IDC connectors).

NTE5C extension connectors

Cam lock connectors for telephone extensions - 2, 3 & 5 (front)

NTE5C telephone line connections

Cam lock connectors for incoming telephone line - A & B (rear)

NTE5C lower front plate

Lower front plate

Key Features

  • The front of the NTE5C MK2 includes subtle curves to improve the overall aesthetics but external dimensions remain similar to the previous NTE5A.
  • Now includes labelling on top plane – “Master Socket 5C”.
  • Access the test socket and home wiring terminations without using a screwdriver.
  • The front plate has no connected wires making its removal and replacement wire-free.
  • Tool-less Insulation-Displacement Connector (IDC) wire connection for both network and home wiring.
  • Home wiring termination is now on a secure connector on the face of the back plate.
  • The internal design uses components that are resistant to moisture ingress.
New Product £7.67(£9.20 inc VAT)
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