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BT Openreach Branded NTE5A Master Socket


BT Openreach Branded NTE5A Master Socket

No 26A for improved broadband Latest version that features the filter on the bell wire circuit for IMPROVED ADSL & VDSL performance & WITHOUT 26A surge arrestor which can further IMPROVE ADSL & VDSL speeds!


NTE5A type master socket with BT Openreach branding printed on the top left corner. Equiped with a "test socket" this master socket makes isolating wiring problems easy! IDC terminals on the rear connect to the incoming phone line, IDC terminals on the lower front faceplate allow the end user to easily connect internal telephone extension wiring. The NTE5A was previously the most common type of socket that BT Openreach installed (the external versions known as XNTE are now discontinued, the NTE5A is now replaced by the NTE5C), supplied as three pieces (22mm rear back box, rear plate with test socket and front lower plate) with screws & BT Openreach instructions, the socket can be flush mounted to any single gang back box if required. Dimensions (L) 85mm x (W) 85mm x (H) 35.5mm.

Info For ADSL & VDSL installations the lower half of the front faceplate can be replaced with a filtered faceplate such as the VTE2015, this will give the same benefits of the bell wire filter with the addition of centralised ADSL/VDSL filtering. (Note, these are known as Service Specific Faceplates (SSFPs).

Key Features

  • Moulded from V0 rated material colour matched to BT 1P white.
  • 2 way IDC connection of incoming network operator’s wiring (LSA style.)
  • Standard linetest and ringing components provided.
  • 401A Test socket to verify network wiring is good.
  • 601A socket for customer’s equipment connection.
  • 3 way IDC connector for onward distribution of customer’s wiring (LSA style).
  • Provides clear demarcation point between network and customer wiring.
  • Can be surface mounted (with backbox) or flush mounted.
  • Bellwire filter provided.
  • Will accept other Service Specific Frontplates.

This page is for information & reference only as the product is no longer manufactured. Alternative or later versions of the product can be found below.

£7.67(£9.20 inc VAT)

Replaced by NTE5C MK2.

Openreach Branded NTE5C MK2 Master Socket


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Openreach Branded NTE5C MK2 Master Socket

Openreach Branded NTE5C MK2 Master Socket CODE: NTE5C

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£7.67(£9.20 inc VAT)
In Stock

BT NTE5A Type Socket (Unbranded)


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BT NTE5A Type Socket (Unbranded)

BT NTE5A Type Socket (Unbranded) CODE: SMBTNTE5

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£7.67(£9.20 inc VAT)
In Stock

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