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VDSL/ADSL filtered master socket as supplied by BT/Openreach™ (Openreach™ branded)

BT Openreach MK4 VDSL/NTE5C Combined Unit Mk4 VDSL faceplate with Mk2 NTE5C-FRONTMk4 VDSL faceplate with Mk2 NTE5C-REAR

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Genuine BT Openreach vDSL ADSL FaceplateLatest VDSL MK4 & NTE5C MK2 Version

BT Openreach Mk4 VDSL/ADSL filtered faceplate supplied WITH NTE5C master socket. This unit supersedes the previous NTE5A & VDSL MK3 setup, the design reverts back to the previous style of replacing the lower front half of the master socket (in this case the NEW NTE5C - also available separately). All new design requires no specialist tools to install - the faceplate clips to the master socket & all wiring connections are via cam lock tool-less IDC connectors. Centralised VDSL filtering is then provided negating the need for plug in microfilters with an RJ45/RJ11 socket providing the connection for a modem/router & a filtered BT socket for telephones. Alternatively, provision is made for a hard wired connection to the modem/router via a two way tool-less IDC cam lock connector on the rear (circled below). The latest Mk4 version retains an RF filter for line stability (a filter for small Repetitive Electrical Impulse Noise-REIN). Supplied as a COMPLETE unit - replaces the master socket with the latest NTE5C design (the original "telephone only" lower front plate of the NTE5C is NOT supplied in this pack as it is NOT required - filtered connections are now on the back plate of the NTE5C rather than the removable front lower plate, again using tool-less IDC cam lock connectors). Note this product requires a suitable single gang back box (surface or flush mount), if you are replacing an existing NTE5 variant this socket will fit onto the existing surface mouted back box. Now supplied with the Mk2 NTE5C master socket which can be flush mounted without any modification to the back box. This socket combination replaces all versions of the previous NTE5A & all previous versions of filtered faceplate (NTE2000, NTE2005, Mk1, Mk2 & Mk3 vDSL I-Plate).

Mk4 VDSL Extension connectors

Cam lock connectors IDC for VDSL extension




High quality PCB design

Mk4 VDSL faceplate

VDSL plate unclipped from NTE5C

ADSL faceplate note The Mk4 is currently supplied as a COMPLETE unit with the new NTE5C Mk2 master socket. User Guide Download User Guide







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