New NTE5C Master Socket
March 1st, 2016 4:01 pm
NTE5C Master SocketNTE5C type master socket from BT Openreach.

Openreach have announced a new version of the NTE5 master socket will be available soon. As you can see the new design features a rounded faceplate. The new version will NOT be compatible with any of the faceplates currently desiged for the NTE5 so this may well shake up the filtered faceplate market! Openreach have announed the following versions will be available :-
  • NTE5C (replaces NTE5A)
  • NTE5C Secure (replaces NTE5B-the Blank no socket version!)
  • NTE5C/VDSL Front Plate Mk4 (new version VDSL faceplate-combined unit)
  • NTE5C SDSL Front Plate (replaces NTE2000 CCU SDSL Front Plate)
  • NGA FVA Voice Plate supplied with NTE5C backplate (replaces NGA FVA Voice IPlate
The new socket is also a tool less design, the front plate clips on (no screws) & the internal wiring is via cam locks rather than IDC terminals, these offer better moisture resistance over IDC and require no insersion tool. The camlocks simply require the wire to be inserted and the locking lever closed...
SSFP's - Service Specific FacePlates
January 13th, 2016 9:54 am

In our last post covering the NTE5 master socket we mentioned SSFP's or Service Specific Face Plates. In short this little buzz term covers what we commonly call a filtered faceplate or ADSL/vDSL faceplate. If you have broadband (ADSL or vDSL) then there are a few reasons why you should really consider one of these. Over the years we've sold thousands of these little gizmo's, they all do basically the same thing, the main types are as follows...


NTE2000 front viewNTE2000 rear view

The NTE2000 is as old as ADSL itself! Earlier versions had ADSL V 1.0 printed on them but later on in production this was changed to ADSL 2+. This really was nothing more than a marketing exercise as the filter design was unchanged. This filter simply replaces the lower front of the NTE5 and filters any extension wiring so no need to have plug in filters around the house! Installation is simple, remove the NTE5 lower front plate, note which wires are going to 2, 3 & 5, remove...

NTE5 sockets
January 12th, 2016 4:09 pm

One of the most popular items we sell is the humble BT NTE5 socket. The first question is usually "Do I have one?!", well, this is what it looks like :-

Openreach NTE5 socket
The easiest way to identify it is by the horizontal split just under half way down. Removal of this lower section reveals the much talked about "test socket".
NTE5 test socket example

In reality all the test socket does is allow you to plug a telephone directly into the incomming line without any extension wiring connected. Why would you (or a BT Openreach engineer cheeky) want to do that you may ask? Well, BT is responsible for any cabling upto the NTE5, any internal extension wiring is not their problem. By removing the lower front half they can easily test their side of the cabling from the exchange and lay blame for any faults on your internal wiring blush

What if I don't have an NTE5 you may ask? Fear not as we have plenty we can sell you yes

We also have a non branded version, made by the exact same...

BT to RJ45 Patch Kits
January 12th, 2016 12:59 pm
BT to RJ45 Patch Kits

We have four main categories of patch kits :-
  • Standard
  • Port Sharing/Multi Line
  • Privacy
  • Broadband

The standard patch kits are our most basic, they allow you to patch a single BT line to as many as 4 extensions. For example, the single user standard version (RJ45V1S) comes with everything requited to go from the BT outlet to the patch panel and then at the outlet end convert the network outlet back to a standard BT type socket. The 4 user version adds to this & yep, you guessed it, comes with everything required to patch a single BT line to 4 extensions over structured cabling laugh  (structured cabling is the term used to describe CAT5e & CAT6 cabling among others cool ).

The port sharing & multi line versions expand on this concept. The port sharing version (RJ45V1PD) allows you to patch a single BT telephone line over the SAME cable as an Ethernet device (a printer or a PC for example). There is a downside, because we use what used to be the spare pairs in the cable...

Patching BT telephone lines to RJ45 cabling, where it began....
January 12th, 2016 12:24 pm
Patching BT to RJ45

I guess you've gathered we are kinda experts at anything that involves patching telephone lines over structured cabling like CAT5e & CAT6! Many moons ago our parent company was installing network cabling & telephone systems. Back then cabling like this in homes was pretty rare but people were slowly realising that it made a LOT of sense to do it! Remember back then the Internet was nothing like it is today, some would say it was better as you didn't get adverts all over every single page but that's a story for another day....angry

One day we were asked to sort the telephone wiring in a new build, a really nice large house. The customer simply wanted 4 telephone extensions that anyone could use throughout the house. We duly quoted for a small PBX system and away we went....

Now, anyone who has built or renovated a house knows this is a VERY expensive game! I've since done it and NEVER again!!

Anyway, the customer couldn't afford even the smallest PBX so we went away for a think....