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New NTE5C Master Socket
March 1st, 2016 4:01 pm
NTE5C Master SocketNTE5C type master socket from BT Openreach.

Openreach have announced a new version of the NTE5 master socket will be available soon. As you can see the new design features a rounded faceplate. The new version will NOT be compatible with any of the faceplates currently desiged for the NTE5 so this may well shake up the filtered faceplate market! Openreach have announed the following versions will be available :-
  • NTE5C (replaces NTE5A)
  • NTE5C Secure (replaces NTE5B-the Blank no socket version!)
  • NTE5C/VDSL Front Plate Mk4 (new version VDSL faceplate-combined unit)
  • NTE5C SDSL Front Plate (replaces NTE2000 CCU SDSL Front Plate)
  • NGA FVA Voice Plate supplied with NTE5C backplate (replaces NGA FVA Voice IPlate)
The new socket is also a tool less design, the front plate clips on (no screws) & the internal wiring is via cam locks rather than IDC terminals, these offer better moisture resistance over IDC and require no insersion tool. The camlocks simply require the wire to be inserted and the locking lever closed, these are colour coded RED & BLUE with RED denoted for the network cabling side & BLUE for the internal customer wiring. Another point to consider is the internal customer wiring is no longer connected to the front plate so these can be swapped out with no rewiring required at all. We expect stock of these items soon & prices will be advised as soon as we have them.

Update! Available now: &

Update! The cam lock connectors are no longer blue & red, they are all clear, now designated the NTE5C Mk2 socket.