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BT to RJ45 Broad Band Kits

BT to RJ45 Patch Kits-Broadband Versions

Broadband - ADSL - VDSL version of our BT to RJ45 patch kits. The broadband version allows a modem or router to be connected to the CAT5/CAT outlet at the far end as well as an analogue (telephone, fax machine etc) device. Supplied with RJ45 Male to BT Male patch laeds and RJ45 ADSL/VDSL filters. Two versions are vailable, single user which patches one broadband line to one network outlet & 4 user which patches one broadband line to up to 4 network outlets.

£17.36(£20.83 inc VAT)
In Stock
£51.08(£61.30 inc VAT)
In Stock