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ADSL & VDSL NTE Faceplates

VDSL & ADSL Faceplate Filters

ADSL & VDSL faceplates that fit on to the industry standard NTE5(A) type master socket & the latest MK4 VDSL & NTEC master socket combi pack which replaced all variants of previous master sockets including the NTE5A & NTE5B. Fitting a filtered faceplate can often improve broad band speeds by isolating unnecessary wiring from the broadband signal. If you have ANY telephone extensions (even if you do not use them) we can almost guarantee fitting a filtered faceplate will improve download speeds. Of course the other advantage is no need for plug in filters or "dongles" at every socket!

Openreach™ MK4 VDSL Plate & NTE5C Socket - Combined Unit - Special Offer £28.80£16.99(£20.39 inc VAT)SAVING £14.17 inc VAT41% OFF!
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£18.95(£22.74 inc VAT)
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