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Patching BT telephone lines to RJ45 cabling, where it began....
January 12th, 2016 12:24 pm     A+ | a-
Patching BT to RJ45

I guess you've gathered we are kinda experts at anything that involves patching telephone lines over structured cabling like CAT5e & CAT6! Many moons ago our parent company was installing network cabling & telephone systems. Back then cabling like this in homes was pretty rare but people were slowly realising that it made a LOT of sense to do it! Remember back then the Internet was nothing like it is today, some would say it was better as you didn't get adverts all over every single page but that's a story for another day....angry

One day we were asked to sort the telephone wiring in a new build, a really nice large house. The customer simply wanted 4 telephone extensions that anyone could use throughout the house. We duly quoted for a small PBX system and away we went....

Now, anyone who has built or renovated a house knows this is a VERY expensive game! I've since done it and NEVER again!!

Anyway, the customer couldn't afford even the smallest PBX so we went away for a think....

enlightened This was the birth of our BT to RJ45 Patch Kit laugh

Plenty of people made RJ45 to BT converters as office PBX systems had been using them for years, however after searching what was a much smaller Internet it became apparent that no one made a lead to go from a BT socket to a patch we did!

We then bundled these together with the various bits & pieces required to make easy plug & play kits that any home user could easily setup. Our customer was happy and so were we, we'd made a difference to the Internet cheeky

Over the years we've made various versions of our kits, some for broadband, others for patching multiple lines over one cable. In all the years we've been manufacturing & selling them we haven't had one faulty kit. That's over a decade of sales & I hope you'll forgive us for being really proud of that fact yes  We've sold to home users, hospitals, muti nationals, government departments, councils....the list goes on.

Check out our other posts where we will cover the products we sell & what applications you can use them for.

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