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BT i - Plate Broadband Accelerator


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BT iPlate Broadband Accelerator, manufactured by Pressac UK who supply BT Openreach.

BT Wholesale has developed the BT iPlate broadband accelerator, a unique filter that isolates the ringwire/bellwire, minimising any interference & a filter for small Repetative Electrical Impulse Noise (REIN). Easily installed by the consumer without disconnecting any wires eliminating the time, trouble and cost of requiring a visit from an engineer. A benchmark study on 36,000 lines showed that the iPlate can:-

  • Boost line speeds typically by 1.5Mbps.The actual change will vary from line to line (some have even recorded increases of up to 4Mbps!)Although speed improvements are likely,they can’t be guaranteed. The iPlate broadband accelerator also helps to stabilise the broadband connection.
  • Extend the reach by up to 10db (which should help poorly performing long lines)
  • Reduce lost connections by 20% and error rates by 45%

The BT iPlate broadband accelerator is suitable for both ADSL1 and ADSL2 lines.


  • Provide a filtered ‘bell wire’ which reduces the amount of noise picked up by home extension wiring from affecting the broadband ADSL signal.
  • Provide common mode filtering of RF signals without affecting frequencies in the ADSL band.

Key Benefits

  • Maximises the potential performance of an ADSL line
  • Can be installed by the customer without engineering assistance
  • Requires no disconnection of any wiring

Latest Version! You need an NTE5 type socket (Pictured Right) to fit a BT iPlate NTE5 BT/Openreach Master SocketNTE5A Master Socket


This page is for information & reference only as the product is no longer manufactured. Alternative or later versions of the product can be found below.

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Replaced by MK3VDSL

BT Openreachâ„¢ MK3 VDSL iPlate - Premium VDSL/ADSL Faceplate


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BT Openreach™ MK3 VDSL iPlate - Premium VDSL/ADSL Faceplate

BT Openreachâ„¢ MK3 VDSL iPlate - Premium VDSL/ADSL Faceplate CODE: BTVDSL

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