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VTE 2015B VDSL/ADSL NTE5A Faceplate


VTE-2015 FaceplateVTE-2015 Rear

Same benefits as NTE5 bell wire filter! This faceplate provides the same benefits as the NTE5/BT Broadband Accelerator bell wire filter with the ADDITION of vDSL/ADSL filtering.

Latest VDSL faceplate for NTE5A type master sockets (replaces earlier XTE-2005 version & VTE-2015). Unlike the BT version the VTE-2015B replaces the lower front half of the NTE5 socket, useful if you are replacing an old type ADSL faceplate & no longer have the original NTE5 lower front plate. Centralised vDSL filtering is then provided negating the need for plug in microfilters with an RJ45/RJ11 socket providing the connection for a modem/router. Alternatively, provision is made for a hard wired connection to the modem and filtered telephone extensions via the IDC connector block on the rear. This faceplate is backwards compatible with all ADSL services & features differential and common mode filtering performances to 30Mhz.

Key Features

  • Line: BS6312 approved integrated 431A plug.
  • CCU: BS6312 approved 4 way 401A socket (filtered).
  • VDSL Modem: Direct coupled RJ45 socket (RJ11 compatible) Direct coupled IDC connector.
  • Filters all connected voice equipment so negating the need for microfilters.
  • Moulded from V0 rated material colour matched to BT 1P white.
  • Supplied with self tapping & machine type mounting screws (compatible with ALL NTE5 socket variants).
  • Differential and common mode filtering performances specified to 30Mhz.
  • ADSL filter performance compliant with SIN346
  • VDSL2 filter performance compliant with SIN498

Note, NOT compatible with NTE5C master sockets! Use MK4 VDSL or for NTE5C.

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